Why Help Our Cause?

Problem statement

If not for the Sherpa communities surrounding Mt. Everest, adventure-seekers around the globe would not have the expertise or assistance necessary to summit this foreboding precipice or its lesser peaks. Unfortunately, these communities are so intricately involved in and dependent on a successful climbing season that any interruption in that season can cut off their main, and sometimes only, source of income. During such times, the Sherpa Support Foundation rallies behind the Sherpa community, providing food banks, clothing, supplies, and other support services that these communities desperately need.

$30 can pay for school supplies for a Sherpa child for a year

climbers with their guides
climber and guide combo

$100 can feed a family of four for a month

$500 can feed 20 people for a month

selfie on the mountainside
climbers with their large backpacks

$1,000 can pay for a child’s education, including tuition, clothing and supplies for an entire year.

Hand drawn illustration of a structure in nepal

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