Climber and a Sherpa standing on a mountain

About the sherpa community

The Sherpa communities surrounding Mt. Everest – the brave individuals who climb, not to check an item off a bucket list, but to simply provide for themselves and their families. These include Sherpa guides, porters, cooks, and their families who ensure that the Himalayan area surrounding Mt. Everest is accessible to trekkers across the globe.

map of the sherpa communities

Climber and a Sherpa standing on a mountain

Why Help?

If not for the Sherpa communities surrounding Mt. Everest, adventure-seekers around the globe would not have the expertise or assistance necessary to summit this foreboding precipice or its lesser peaks.
Unfortunately, these communities are so intricately involved in and dependent on a successful climbing season that any interruption in that season can cut off their main, and sometimes only, source of income. During such times, the Sherpa Support Foundation rallies behind the Sherpa community, providing food banks, clothing, supplies, and other support services that these communities desperately need.
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